What Causes Skin Tags on Neck? Find Out Now

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What causes skin tags on neck is something one might ask when noticing them. Almost everyone has skin tags on some part of their skin or the other. They occur as small, soft skin outgrowths that tend to appear on various parts of the body and are made up of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels, with a surrounding of the thickened epidermis. Skin tags are commonly found in areas of the skin where there’s friction like the neck, eyelids, armpits, groin folds, genital area, buttock folds, and under the breasts. They are also medically referred to as acrochordons.

Though unsightly, skin tags are usually painless and harmless. They can be smooth or round and may just as well have a smoother or wrinkly, uneven surface. They can also be skin-colored or darker and their length ranges from 1mm to 5cm. One of the most common areas where skin tags can appear is on the neck.

What Causes Skin Tags on Neck?

Skin tags on the neck are no different from those in other parts of the face, eyelids, groin area, or armpits. There is no distinct cause of skin tags on the neck but even so, there are some people more likely to develop skin tags than others. They mostly show up in both aging men and women for several reasons.

  • Genetic predisposition is one reason because skin tags have been observed to run in families
  • Weight gain is also a significant risk factor for developing skin tags due to excessive skin folds
  • Pregnancy – courtesy of hormonal changes
  • The increased growth factors, skin irritation, or friction that occurs eventually trigger the development of skin tags
  • Diabetic people are at risk of developing skin tags due to hypertriglyceridemia, obesity, and insulin resistance
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How to Prevent Skin Tags

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Eat Right

To fully understand how to prevent skin tags, one must understand why they form in the first place. It is generally assumed that skin tags are an indication of your overall health. This could mean skin tags show up as a result of an underlying health condition, for example, type 2 diabetes. More than that, overweight and obese people are more likely to develop skin tags. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy weight and eat right. This includes not engaging in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as excessive consumption of sugar,  and saturated fats.

Personal Hygiene

You can prevent friction by keeping skin folds dry. Use baby powder between skin folds for example under your armpits and make sure to pat your skin dry after showering. There are some types of clothing and jewelry that irritate the skin.  Avoid fabrics such as nylon and spandex and go for soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. Your diet should also be low in saturated fats and calories. Incorporate both medium and high-intensity exercise regimes for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

How to Remove Skin Tags from Neck

Medical Treatment

Visiting a dermatologist is recommended when you want to get rid of a skin tag. It is not advisable to attempt to snip the skin tag on your own. With the thickened epidermis, you risk irritating them causing you pain or possible excessive bleeding, with an increased risk of infection. Skin tags can also develop a blood clot at the base when they are forcefully yanked out.  More than that, the stalk may not be completely removed and so it may regrow soon afterward. Doctors use various methods to get rid of skin tags such as cauterization, cryosurgery, ligation, and excision. These procedures are not invasive and the affected areas heal within a week. 

Natural Home Remedies

You could also attempt home remedies that do not involve pulling out the skin tag. Try soaking a cotton ball with either apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil and rubbing it on the affected area twice a day. Stick the cotton ball onto the skin tag on your neck with a band-aid, changing it 2 times daily for 7-10 days. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the solution before soaking the cotton ball with it. Eventually, the skin tag will fall off or dry out. 

As much as they are harmless, many people find skin tags unsightly, particularly when they are found in visible areas such as the neck. Furthermore, skin tags on the neck are the victims of many jewelry accidents as necklaces tend to catch on to them. Therefore, many people opt to remove them for comfort or aesthetics. If you do decide to remove the skin tags on your neck, seek professional help. The medical procedures are simple and leave minimal scarring. Better yet, try out home remedies to get rid of that skin tag on your neck painlessly and safely. 

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