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Say goodbye to dry skin – 4 reasons to use pomegranate oil

Last Updated on 10/11/2020 by Liz @ HealthTenfold

Pomegranate seed oil – what’s the hype about? Well, pomegranate itself as fruit is well-known for its benefits to health. It’s packed with healthy and much-needed vitamins and antioxidants. But did you know that besides adding this super healthy fruit to your diet, there are other ways how you can benefit from the fruit? Namely, the oil extracted from the pomegranate seeds can make a great addition to your beauty treatments. Here’s why you should seriously consider trying out pomegranate seed oil for skin.

It’s a fantastic natural moisturizer

The main reason why pomegranate seed oil is good for your skin is that it deeply penetrates the skin to moisturize it. Pomegranate seed oil’s moisture is long-lasting and the skin’s appearance will start to improve from the outside in.  It doesn’t make the skin greasy and clog pores – the moisture goes where it’s needed the most. This works even if you already have oily skin because adding moisture to oily skin actually tricks the skin into producing less natural oils.

It’s packed with antioxidants

Pomegranate essential oil can do wonders on the skin because it floods the skin with much-needed antioxidants. The hype around antioxidants is because they are one of the best things out there for fighting aging. This is because they stop the free radicals from causing damage in your body.

Excellent for acne-prone skin, does not clog pores

This oil is good for acne-prone skin because it has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Pomegranate oil is packed with punicic acid. It’s an omega 5 fatty acid that reduces skin inflammation and aids in skin repair. This makes it an incredible tonic to use for scarring, discoloration, and lesions on the skin that are left there by acne or dermatitis. Punicic acid also helps to unclog pores on your face to relieve acne symptoms.

Besides Punicic acid, Pomegranate seed oil also includes something called linoleic acid. This one is important because it balances sebum levels. Namely, acne is often associated with excessive sebum.  When your glands are producing just the right amount of sebum, your skin looks healthy. Too little sebum can lead to dry, cracking skin. Too much sebum can form a hardened plug, which can then lead to various forms of acne. This is why you want to have your sebum levels just right and using pomegranate oil is a great way to do so.

Helps with hair growth

Clogged pores are often the reason for reduced hair growth. Since the pomegranate seed oil has a lot of punicic acids that help to unclog pores you can try using it on your scalp. It does a great job of unclogging the pores which results in better hair growth.

How to use pomegranate seed oil?

To use the oil, apply a couple of drops evenly across the skin and allow it to absorb. You can also use it with other carrier oils like coconut or almond oil or use body moisturizers that include pomegranate oil. We always recommend using 100% natural products that do not include any added chemicals. A great body oil which includes pomegranate oil (and other only natural ingredients) is this one here.

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