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Benefits of Argan Oil for hair – hairdressers call it “liquid gold”

Last Updated on 27/09/2023 by Liz @ HealthTenfold

If there’s one ingredient you should include in your hair care products it’s this one – the argan oil.

There really is no such thing as people with bad hair, just people who haven’t found the right hair products. Every day we put our hair through a lot of damage with environmental pollution, chemical treatments, and hot tools. We might not think about it often but considering the amount of damage we do daily, do we give our hair greater or at least equal amount of care as well?

We have a lot of products on the market to choose from, all with a wide variety of ingredients. Even though there are several oils that can do wonders with your hair, there’s one that really stands out.

Benefits of Argan Oil for hair

Helps to make your hair more manageable

If you need to make hair softer and more manageable, argan oil is your go-to oil. This powerful oil naturally increases hair’s elasticity and brings shine back to lifeless and dull hair. If you struggle with frizz and fly-aways then try taming them with argan oil.

Provides the much-needed nutrients

Argan oil is so often recommended by hair stylists because it’s a powerful antioxidant and free radical neutralizer. Vitamin E, that the oil is full of, helps to prevent splitting and breakage. The oil also has a lot of Vitamins A and C, antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which all make it a powerful nutrients cocktail for your hair.

How to use argan oil?

As with any oils, a small drop goes a long way. If you have naturally oily roots, apply argan oil only to the ends of your hair to avoid greasy-looking hair (PS! Make sure your hair is not “naturally oily” due to some ingredients in your shampoos and conditioners. Some ingredients like SLSs, for example, can make your scalp produce more sebum than needed. Read more about ingredients to stay clear from here).

Argan oil is also a good addition in shampoos and conditioners. However, you can really treat your hair if you use it as hair oil or a mask. Hair oils and masks are made to penetrate into your strands and usually give the best results.

Good way to use Aragan oil is to use ready made oils. Our favourite is Simply hair oil from Amoils.

It contains the well known Morrocan Argan Oil which makes hair softer, silkier and shinier as well as taming any frizz.

Natural Hair Oil

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Our hair is our crown and often one of the first things noticed about us. It’s important that we take care of it the same way we take care of our skin and the rest of our body. Argan oil is loaded with nutrients that our hair yearns for and always remember that consistency is key!

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