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3 Best Wart Removal Products and Remedies

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Warts are unsightly skin growths that are rough in texture and can appear anywhere on the skin. They are caused by types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and hence are contagious.

So we cut straight to the point. Warts are unpleasant and once we have them we want to get rid of them as fast and effectively as possible. We did some research and found our top 3 favorite products. They are easy to use, work fast and effectively, and are all-natural. So, here they are, the best wart removal products and remedies.

Amoils H-Warts Formula

We love it because it’s an all-natural product that actually works well to get rid of warts. It has gotten amazing feedback from people, some even saying that no other product has helped them except for this H-Warts formula.

The H-Warts Formula contains carefully selected several homeopathic ingredients that start working immediately on all types of warts (common warts, flat, facial, body & plantar warts).

Another thing why H-Warts Formula is our absolute favorite is because of how quickly it works. Although the time varies based on the size and number of warts you have but mostly you can see great results already in a week or two. The product is also very concentrated so you need to use only a small drop on each application.

Read what other people are saying about this product and get yours from HERE.

best wart removal products

Most recommended:

H-Warts formula

Manufactured by Natural Healing Oils.

Check the great reviews. Only pure oils, no additives.

Tea Tree Oil – Melaleuca

Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca, is one of the most powerful essential oils humans have discovered. It has been known and recognized for its antibacterial, antivirus, and antifungal properties for ages. Hence its amazing natural weapon against those unpleasant warts.

Tea Tree Oil does not work as fast as the H-Warts formula described above, however, you can start seeing results after two or three weeks (which is still way faster than many other products).

To use tea tree oil on warts, simply soak a cotton ball with tea tree oil, hold the ball on your wart for 5 to 10 minutes, and repeat this 2-3 times per day.

tea tree

Most recommended:

Tea Tree Essential oil

Manufactured by Natural healing oils.

Even if you don’t have warts then it’s good to have a bottle at home. Tea tree oil is one oil that can help with a variety of problems starting from insect bites to being an excellent hand sanitizer. You can read more about Tea Tree Oil from here.


Yes that delicious ingredient that enhances the flavor of many dishes is also excellent in removing warts.

Garlic is known to include a lot of allicin (it’s actually the main component of garlic) and it has microbial effects. Its strength relies on destroying the enzymes in harmful pathogens.

To use garlic as a wart remover just crush 1 clove and mix it thoroughly with water (don’t make the mixture too runny and add only a little bit of water). Apply the mixture on the wart and cover it with a bandage. Let it rest for a couple of hours and then repeat the process.

The only downside of this method is the smell of the garlic. It’s not an option you can use if you have many errands to run outside of the house. In which case we recommend to use the 2 other products mentioned above. However, if you are working from home then give garlic a try!

Garlic usually gets rid of warts within three to four weeks. And studies show that warts that have been treated with garlic don’t come back.


Warts are unpleasant and as there are many medication you can buy from the pharmacy to treat warts then many natural options work as good or even better. Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite product for getting rid of warts!

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