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Lemon essential oil benefits

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You are worried about your sore throat? You want to boost your immune system? You want a clean and fragrant home? Find out three main lemon essential oil benefits from this article.

Lemon oil is one of the most popular essential oils that are out there – and for good reason. Lemon oil is cold-pressed from the peels of fresh lemons and the peel is actually the most nutrient-dense part of the lemon. 

It’s an oil that can be easily recognized by its fresh and energizing scent and there are a number of reasons why you should always have a bottle of it at home.

There are many ways how lemon oil can be used. You can apply it on your skin (if diluted with another carrier oil) or add it to a diffuser and spread it into the air. However, due to lemon oil’s antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, you can also use it to clean surfaces in your home.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its amazing benefits.

Three main lemon essential oil benefits

Lemon oil soothes a sore throat

A sore throat is usually the first sign that we are coming down with a cold, flu or some other illness. And we all know it’s always best to start with treatment when the symptoms are still light.

Lemon oil is known for its bacteria-fighting and antiviral ability and hence can be a great option for curing a sore throat. Besides that, it has a fresh citrusy smell and can help to prevent bad breath that is often accompanied by a sore throat. 

How to use lemon oil for sore throat

Option one:

Option two:

  • Add a couple of drops of lemon oil to a diffuser or vaporizer and let the citrusy smell be spread around the room

Studies prove that lemon oil is a powerful antibacterial agent and it can also make the air cleaner to get rid of unwanted bacteria.

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Gives a boost to your immune system 

Lemon oil packed with Vitamin C –  a nutrient you want to get enough in order to stay healthy. However, should you come down with an illness, it will help you fight it off. 

Your immune system is something you don’t want to leave without attention. You should treat it as it is your best friend and make it stronger every way you get. The stronger the immune system the less likely it is that illness will take you down. A strong immune system also means lighter symptoms in case you should become ill.

Your lymphatic system plays an integral role in the immune functions of your body and lemon oil is great for improving it. It can stimulate the lymph nodes and since it’s known to have diuretic properties, it can assist the body in getting rid of the lymphatic waste via the urinary tract.

How to use lemon oil to boost your immune system

Option one:

  • Add a couple of drops of lemon oil to a teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Gently massage the back of your neck

Option two:

  •  Add 4-5 drops of lemon oil to your bath water (do not put an extra drop, less is more here!)
  • Make sure the bathwater is not too hot
  • Stir the water to make sure the oil is evenly distributed

Using lemon oil in your bath water is an excellent way to use this essential oil because the warm water will help to absorb the oil better and you can inhale the citrusy fragrance at the same time.

PS! Like with any other essential oil, always make sure you are not allergic to it. If you have any medical condition, be sure to consult with a doctor beforehand!

Disinfect your home – no chemicals and refreshing smell

Lemon oil can be your great secret helper in cleaning any room of your home, but it is especially handy in your bathroom and kitchen. Due to it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties it can make your home clean without using cleaning agents that are full of chemicals.

How to use lemon oil for cleaning

For kitchen counters and wooden cutting boards:

  • Get an empty spray bottle
  • Add 5-6 drops of lemon oil per ounce of water
  • Mix thoroughly

For cleaning your bath and sink:

  • Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of water
  • Add up to 10 drops of lemon oil
  • Mix thoroughly and your all-natural soft scrub is ready!

For fresh and clean air in your rooms

  • Add a couple of drops of lemon oil to your diffuser and enjoy the fresh and relaxing scent spreading through your room

Tip! To make sure your refrigerator and carbage bag always have a fresh smell, add 4-5 drops of lemon oil to a cotton ball and then place it in your refrigerator or carbage can to eliminate all bad odors.

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What else You Need to Know About Lemon Essential Oil benefits

Be sure that Lemon essential oil you use is 100% natural, in that case only the ingredient serves a home health remedy title! It should be extracted from the peel of fresh lemons using a “cold-pressing” process that pricks and rotates the peel as oil is released.

Lemon essential oil can be applied directly to your skin, as well as diffused into the air and inhaled. Some people use lemon essential oil as an ingredient that also ease stress, promote weight loss and wound healing, clears skin, kills harmful bacteria and viruses, and reduces inflammation.

Potential side effects

Like the other essential oils in the citrus family, lemon essential oil is generally safe for topical and aromatherapy use. But be aware that lemon essential oil make your skin more sensitive to irritation from the sun so when using essential oil is the best to avoid direct sunlight. View the case reports here.

Before using any essential oil do patch test on your skin before you try to apply it to the larger area this way you can avoid allergic reaction.

Where to buy lemon essential oil

Purchasing an essential oil you must know that there are lots of brands that sell mixed essential oil products that claim to be beneficial, but these products have several ingredients besides oils which may be artificial and not so healthy.

Find a seller and oil that is 100 percent pure and cold-pressed. Check the ingredients list before you buy an essential oil.

Purchase lemon essential oil at your local health food store or shop online.

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Lemon oil is a powerful essential oil with many benefits. Lets all cut back on the number of chemicals we use in our daily lives and let’s try to live a healthier life. If you have any great recipes that include lemon oil, let us know by dropping a comment down below!

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