DIY essential oil recipes

FREE e-book with Simple recipes you can do at home to keep all healthy and clean!

Your healthcare routines and household cleaning products should be all natural and healthy!

That means they can be chemical free and get you the desired results! 

And we will show you how to do this with 100% natural essential oils and carrier oils!

We have combined them into a DIY recipes e-book that you can download here for FREE!

This e-book will answer questions like:

  • How to make hand sanitizers?
  • How to relieve cough and other respiratory infections?
  • What are the best way to disinfect your home naturally?
  • How to make natural, DEET free bug repellent that works?

And many more recipes inside!


As a Gift you will get a FREE 5-day e-mail course to introduce you in-depth 5 essential oils that have extensive antiviral and antibacterial properties to keep you safe and healthy, with instructions on how to apply them in your everyday life!

I believe you will find this extra useful in current uncertain times!